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Rohloff Speedhub Upgrade


Rohloff makes the Speedhub 500/14 by hand in Germany – with an attention to detail and vision that matches our own. Silent, efficient and clean, they're a perfect complement to our Gates Carbon belt drive.

With 14 speeds, an incredible 526% gear range, this is the gold standard for internal bicycle gearing. 

The Speedhub comes with a mechanical grip shifter, moving with impeccable precision through gears spaced an even 13% apart. Famous for reliability, Rohloffs are known to travel tens of thousands of miles without maintenance. They're even rated for heavy mountain bike use.

Note: A new wheel will be built around your selected hub. This wheelset and associated parts can be shipped directly to you, or a bike shop of your choice for installation.  We would be happy to recommend a trusted shop in your area.