Budnitz Bicycles

charly's Custom Scorcher [Deposit]


  • Steel Frame
  • Frame Color: Black Matte
  • Components: Black Scorcher Component Set
  • Saddle: Brooks Swallow Chrome Honey Leather
  • Grips: Brooks Honey Leather Grips
  • Tires: Racing Ralph Knobby 35C (1.5-inch)
  • Drivetrain: Gates Carbon Drive Belt
  • Gearing: 2-Speed Sturmey Archer S2K Kickback
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes (TRP Spyke + Paul Levers)
  • Handlebar: Budnitz Alloy Riser Bar
  • Pedals: Street Pedals
  • Lights: Knog Blinder Rechargeable LED Lights
  • Complimentary Roll Kit with Purchase: Budnitz Roll Kit - Whiskey

Total Cost: $2485

We collect a $1000 deposit to begin building your bicycle.

Build #6898