Budnitz Bicycles

Budnitz X1 Cranks

$200 / ea

Our cranks start as cold forged Al7075 blanks; this process aligns the grain of the metal increasing the rigidity of the crank arms. Blanks are then precision CNC'd to the final form. This yields an incredibly lightweight crank without sacrificing strength. 

Belt Drive compatibility was paramount with our crank design. Because of the static belt lines it is integral to have versatility in crank configuration. 

Two unique features allow for flexibility in belt ring configuration:

1) The spider is detachable and can be installed with offset inboard or outboard, at the same time the belt ring can be installed on the inboard or outboard side of the spider.

2) We chose to utilize the square taper interface because of the many available bottom bracket widths, thus further allowing for fine-tuning of belt line and Q Factor.

Crank Arm material: 7075 Aluminum
Spider material: 7075 Aluminum
Available lengths: 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
Available colors: Satin Silver, Gloss Black
Spider color: Gloss Black
BCD: 130
BB interface: JIS square taper
165mm crank arm set weight: 364 grams
170mm crank arm set weight: 366 grams
175mm crank arm set weight: 371 grams
Spider weight: 73 grams